Victories Kitchen Area Rug Boston Mall Pad Set Piece-Non Comfort 2 Cush Slip Victories,Piece-Non,,Cush,Kitchen,$44,Slip,Comfort,Set,Area,/frustration2785063.html,2,Pad,Rug,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor $44 Victories Kitchen Area Rug Pad Set 2 Piece-Non Slip Comfort Cush Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor Victories Kitchen Area Rug Boston Mall Pad Set Piece-Non Comfort 2 Cush Slip Victories,Piece-Non,,Cush,Kitchen,$44,Slip,Comfort,Set,Area,/frustration2785063.html,2,Pad,Rug,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor $44 Victories Kitchen Area Rug Pad Set 2 Piece-Non Slip Comfort Cush Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor

5 ☆ very popular Victories Kitchen Area Rug Boston Mall Pad Set Piece-Non Comfort 2 Cush Slip

Victories Kitchen Area Rug Pad Set 2 Piece-Non Slip Comfort Cush


Victories Kitchen Area Rug Pad Set 2 Piece-Non Slip Comfort Cush

Product description



Material:non-woven fabric on surface and non-slip rubber backing,DURABLE,Comfortable,Soft,Stain Resistant
Packing: Kitchen Mat Floor Carpet Set of 2
4 Size Available
15.8IN+23.61IN(40x60CM) 1 Doormat+ 15.8IN+47.2IN(40x120CM) 1 Runner Rug
19.7IN+31.5IN(50x80CM) 1 Doormat+ 19.7IN+47.2IN(50x120CM) 1 Runner Rug
19.7IN+31.5IN(50x80CM) 1 Doormat+ 19.7IN+63IN(50x160CM) 1 Runner Rug
23.6IN+35.4IN(60x90CM) 1 Doormat+ 23.6IN+70.9IN(60x180CM) 1 Runner Rug
Easy to Care:Wash in cold water if needed and dry naturally

Unique Design
Bright and vibrant color-Modern Customized designs classic,vintage,farmhouse,barn,natural,elegant,funny,movie,animals pattern

Good Protection
●Protect your feet from the cold floor,help eliminate pressure on your feet.
●Protect your wooden floor from oil,stains,sunlight and hard objects scratch

This comfort anti-fatigue Indoor area rug set is perfect for your bedroom,bathroom,kitchen, entryway,laundry room,living rooms,closets,office,mud rooms,nursery room,dorms, apartment,college dorms decoration

Victories Kitchen Area Rug Pad Set 2 Piece-Non Slip Comfort Cush

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