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WUIIEN Metal Trolley Children Size Toy Beach Outdoor Garden Max 68% Super sale period limited OFF Play

WUIIEN Metal Trolley Children Size Outdoor Garden Beach Play Toy


WUIIEN Metal Trolley Children Size Outdoor Garden Beach Play Toy

Product description


The kids pretend to play a wheelbarrow by hey! Play! It is the perfect outdoor toy helper for mom and dad! This toy is equipped with sturdy steel handles and plastic handles, and a seamless steel tray with rounded edges to ensure safety. This toy is perfect for boys and girls and is ideal for pretend games. Using this awesome mini gardening tool, hauling toys, sand, water, wooden sticks, etc., your child will enjoy hours of backyard fun! Hey! Play! Committed to providing consumers with the absolute best price and value of our entire product line, we ensure this by applying strict quality control procedures.
With a load capacity of 66 pounds, your child can carry as many items as possible with its large capacity. Shoveling and dumping actions can improve hand-eye coordination.

All-season game-a truly practical wheelbarrow designed specifically for your child's size. Not only can you dig sand in summer, you can also shovel snow in winter.

1. Sturdy and safe-made of a stainless steel frame, the stroller can withstand rugged terrain and can easily haul dirt, flowers, sand and leaves.
2. The seamless steel tray with no scratched edges can ensure finger safety.
3. Use environmentally friendly paint for painting, your child can use it safely.
4. Anti-slip handle, when your children push, pull or dump items, it provides you with a comfortable feeling, and they can operate conveniently.
5. The all-terrain wheel, the scroll wheel encourages children to move around to gain a new perspective on the task.


1. Overall dimensions: (29 x 13.6 x 16.5)" / (73.66 x 34.54 x 41.91)cm(L x W x H).
2. Weight: 66lbs / 29.94kg
3. Age: over 3 years old

The package includes:
1 x trolley
1 x manual

WUIIEN Metal Trolley Children Size Outdoor Garden Beach Play Toy

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