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Cheap mail order sales DNZJ Pepper Challenge the lowest price Grinder Set - Premium Salt Stainless Steel Peppe and

DNZJ Pepper Grinder Set - Premium Stainless Steel Salt and Peppe


DNZJ Pepper Grinder Set - Premium Stainless Steel Salt and Peppe

Product description

Color:Stainless Steel,White

1. Place the ingredients to be ground into the grinder.
2. Cover it
3. Adjust the grinding thickness.
4. Grasp the grinding head and rotate it easily.

Color classification: white, black, stainless steel

Material: lead-free glass + stainless steel + ceramic grinding core

Size: 13.5*6.5cm

Capacity: 150ml

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DNZJ Pepper Grinder Set - Premium Stainless Steel Salt and Peppe

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