$94 LKDF Frosted PVC Table Cloth, Crystal Transparent Table Cover, T Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Transparent,Cover,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,T,LKDF,Crystal,$94,PVC,Cloth,,Table,Table,Frosted,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,/greenlandite2723895.html $94 LKDF Frosted PVC Table Cloth, Crystal Transparent Table Cover, T Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Luxury goods LKDF Frosted PVC Table Cloth Crystal Transparent Cover T Luxury goods LKDF Frosted PVC Table Cloth Crystal Transparent Cover T Transparent,Cover,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,T,LKDF,Crystal,$94,PVC,Cloth,,Table,Table,Frosted,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,/greenlandite2723895.html

Luxury goods LKDF Frosted PVC Raleigh Mall Table Cloth Crystal Transparent Cover T

LKDF Frosted PVC Table Cloth, Crystal Transparent Table Cover, T


LKDF Frosted PVC Table Cloth, Crystal Transparent Table Cover, T

Product description


Welcome To Our Shop

Shape: Rectangle, Square
Thickness: 2mm
Material: Upgraded Pvc
Color: Transparent Matte

Does The Table Cover Protector Have A Strong Plastic Smell?

No, The Lkdf Table Protector Is Made Of A New Low-Odor Formula Material With Only A Slight Odor. After Getting This Item, You Can Take A Plate Of Warm Water, Soak The Matte Table Mat For 5 Minutes, And Then Dry It Outdoors For A Day Or Two. After That, The Peculiar Smell Has Basically Disappeared And It Can Be Used Normally.

If We Do Not Have The Right Size Or Happen To Be Out Of Stock, You Can Also Choose A Larger Size To Diy. It Is Easy To Cut. You Can Mark The Exact Size With A Pencil And Then Cut It With Sharp Scissors Or A Knife.

Flatten The Desktop Protective Film Again

1. Turn The Protector Upside Down, Put A Heavy Object On It For 1-2 Days, And Then Lay It Flat.

2. Soak It In Hot Water For A Few Minutes Or Hours And Expose It To The Sun, And Then Lay It Flat Again.

Thank You For Choosing Our Lkdf Upgraded Transparent Matte Tablecloth. If You Have Any Questions About Frosted Outdoor Tablecloths, Please Contact Us Via Amazon. Our Customer Service Team Will Reply You Within 24 Hours.

You Can Rest Assured To Buy Our Products

LKDF Frosted PVC Table Cloth, Crystal Transparent Table Cover, T

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