Placemats Set of 6 and Table Runner Dinning Limited time for free shipping for inches 90 Long T $30 Placemats Set of 6 and Table Runner 90 inches Long for Dinning T Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Long,90,$30,of,Table,Placemats,Dinning,T,inches,Runner,6,/greenlandite2723995.html,Set,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,for,and Placemats Set of 6 and Table Runner Dinning Limited time for free shipping for inches 90 Long T $30 Placemats Set of 6 and Table Runner 90 inches Long for Dinning T Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Long,90,$30,of,Table,Placemats,Dinning,T,inches,Runner,6,/greenlandite2723995.html,Set,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,for,and

Placemats Set of 6 and Table Runner Dinning Limited time for free shipping inches 90 Long Ranking TOP5 T

Placemats Set of 6 and Table Runner 90 inches Long for Dinning T


Placemats Set of 6 and Table Runner 90 inches Long for Dinning T

Product description

Size:1 Table Runner(90"X13")+6 Pcs Table Mats(13"x19")

1 Pcs table runne and 6 Pcs placemats

The table mat and runner set are made of eco-friendly cotton and linen materials,tightly woven,clearly textured and edges cut neatly
Super thick,durable and wear-resistant,not easy to change shape
Heat insulation,non-slip and not shift,water-proof and stain-resistant,wipe clean,washable and dry quickly

As a decoration-Suitable for outdoor and indoor,decor home dining table,farmhouse table,coffee table,restaurant table,business offices table,hotel table
As a gift-perfect for family parties,weddings,outdoor parties,Thanksgiving,Halloween,Christmas etc

Various colors-marble,blue,gold,white,beige,gray,teal,etc.
Various style-modern,minimalist,retro,abstract,boho

Machine washable with cold water,hand wash best
Not bleach,not shrink,dry flat in the shade
Roll up and store

Placemats Set of 6 and Table Runner 90 inches Long for Dinning T

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