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kgjskj Wind Turbine alternator 400W Generator Cash special price Windmill Power outlet 12V

kgjskj Wind Turbine alternator 400W Windmill Power Generator 12V


kgjskj Wind Turbine alternator 400W Windmill Power Generator 12V

Product description

Related Product

400W Windmill Power Generator 12V 24V With Charge Controller For Home

Data Sheet

Nominal voltage
Start-up wind speed
Rated wind speed
Survival wind speed
Blades Length
3 blades: 600mm
5 blades: 550mm
6 blades: 680mm
Blades quantity
Blade material
Nylon fiber
Permanent magnet synchronous generator with
three-phase alternating current
Controller system
Regulating way
Automatic adjustment of wind angle
Working temperature
It does not include Steel pipe

Item Units and Pictures (what you see what you get)

Packing list:

5 pcs of blades
wind turbine hub
screw bolts and nose cone
Wind Turbine
Use manual

Controller Photos

Simple Charge controller

Advanced Wind Controller

Wind Solar Hybrid Controller

kgjskj Wind Turbine alternator 400W Windmill Power Generator 12V

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