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Stripes Free shipping anywhere in High material the nation Anti-UV Sunshade Net Outdoor Pool Garden Awning Swimming

Stripes Anti-UV Sunshade Net Outdoor Awning Garden Swimming Pool


Stripes Anti-UV Sunshade Net Outdoor Awning Garden Swimming Pool

Product description


Made Of Environmentally Friendly PE Material, Durable And Practical.
It Can Be Easily Folded,Lightweight,Easy To Clean,Easy To Carry.
8-Pin Encryption, New High Density Woven Net.
Will Block Off 80% Of The Sun And Provides Uv Protection At Hot Summer.
Each Corner Is Equipped With A Metal Ring, Making It Easier To Hang And More Durable.
Can Be A Shading Net, A Sunscreen Insulation Net,Which Can Be Use For Privacy Protect,Sun Shade.
Widely Used In Garden, Balconies, Outdoor , Courtyards, Roofs, Carports, Warehouses.
Protect Plants Or Greenhouses Or Pets From Harsh Sunlight And Overheating, Protect Swimming Pool From Leaf, Create A Comfortable Shaded Area For Livestock Housing, Poultry Buildings, Barns, Kennels And Family.
Knitting:8 Pin
Color:As Shown
Package Include:
1PCS X Shade Net
1PCS X Rope
1. Due to many factors (such as the brightness of the display and the brightness of the light), the true color of the product may be slightly different from the picture displayed on the website.
2. Please allow the data to have a slight deviation in manual measurement, and the allowable measurement error is +/- 1-3cm.
3. Before buying, please make sure that the model size of this product is suitable for your product, and it is indeed the product you need to avoid unnecessary refunds later.
4. Our transportation time is affected by regional logistics. Japan is the fastest, North American countries and European countries are relatively slow. Please pay attention to the transportation time. If you are in a hurry to use the goods, please purchase goods carefully to avoid unnecessary in the future for the refund, thank you.

Stripes Anti-UV Sunshade Net Outdoor Awning Garden Swimming Pool

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