BASTB SEAL limited product Universal Dome Mosquito Net Suspended Easy-to-Install $74 BASTB Universal Dome Mosquito Net Net Easy-to-Install Suspended Home Kitchen Bedding $74 BASTB Universal Dome Mosquito Net Net Easy-to-Install Suspended Home Kitchen Bedding /hydroselenuret2615160.html,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Universal,Net,BASTB,Mosquito,Suspended,Net,Dome,$74,Easy-to-Install, BASTB SEAL limited product Universal Dome Mosquito Net Suspended Easy-to-Install /hydroselenuret2615160.html,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Universal,Net,BASTB,Mosquito,Suspended,Net,Dome,$74,Easy-to-Install,

BASTB Under blast sales SEAL limited product Universal Dome Mosquito Net Suspended Easy-to-Install

BASTB Universal Dome Mosquito Net Net Easy-to-Install Suspended


BASTB Universal Dome Mosquito Net Net Easy-to-Install Suspended

Product description


Product Description:

1. Made from the best quality 100% polyester netting,durable and easy to clean.

2. Size: 48 0\, suitable for crib,single, or twin bed(Max. for Queen Size bed).

Installation Instructions for Mosquito Nets

1.Unwrap mosquito nets.

Inside were a mosquito net, a set of hook and a meter-long rope.

2.Install hooks.

We recommend a ceiling hook in the center of the bed, slightly closer to the head of the bed.

3.Install mosquito nets.

Hang the mosquito net on the hook. If the ceiling above the bed is too high, adjust the height of the bed by connecting it with a mosquito net and a hook with a one-meter rope. Make sure the opening direction of the mosquito net before installing it.

Note: The bottom edge of the mosquito net at the head of the bed must be placed under the mattress. Avoid the danger of a child's neck being wrapped around the underside of a mosquito net.

BASTB Universal Dome Mosquito Net Net Easy-to-Install Suspended

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