Runner,Aisle,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,Silver,Party,Carpet,,for,$224,Shiny,Packs,Runners,XHCmat,/hydroselenuret2724060.html Runner,Aisle,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,Silver,Party,Carpet,,for,$224,Shiny,Packs,Runners,XHCmat,/hydroselenuret2724060.html $224 XHCmat Party Packs Silver Shiny Carpet Runner,Aisle Runners for Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies $224 XHCmat Party Packs Silver Shiny Carpet Runner,Aisle Runners for Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies XHCmat Party Packs Silver Shiny for Runners Carpet Aisle Runner Credence XHCmat Party Packs Silver Shiny for Runners Carpet Aisle Runner Credence

XHCmat Colorado Springs Mall Party Packs Silver Shiny for Runners Carpet Aisle Runner Credence

XHCmat Party Packs Silver Shiny Carpet Runner,Aisle Runners for


XHCmat Party Packs Silver Shiny Carpet Runner,Aisle Runners for

Product description

Size: 1*10m , 1*20m , 1*30m , 1*50m , 1*100m

Colour: Silver

★ From the Manufacturer:

1. All aisle runners are made of plastic electroplating sturdy enough for use indoors or out.

2. Decorate your walk down the aisle with this romantic Wedding Aisle Runner.

3. Aisle runners is a holistic workmanship, beautiful and durable.

4. Aisle runners offers a wide range of accessories for weddings, parties, galas, and other special occasions

Size calculation method: 1 m=3.281 ft or 1 ft=0.3048 m

★ Fixed way:

① Clean the dust on the ground

② Spread the carpet

③ Cut the double-sided adhesive to about 5cm

④ Fix the edges and sides of the carpet

⑤ Fix the bottom of the carpet


1. Since the carpet flat, firm, thin. Therefore, pay attention to scratch when using.

2. As the packaging is tight, after receiving the goods, please carefully unpacking, do not use the knife directly to open, so as not to scratch the carpet

3. The delivery time is 10-15 days, and the return scope is about 30 days.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

XHCmat Party Packs Silver Shiny Carpet Runner,Aisle Runners for

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