StoreSMART Magnetic Gifts Closure Pockets - x 17" 11" Magnetic-Back 17",Magnetic,11",Magnetic-Back,$158,Office Products , Office School Supplies,,StoreSMART,x,/hydroselenuret2962660.html,Closure,-,-,Pockets $158 StoreSMART Magnetic Closure Pockets - Magnetic-Back - 11" x 17" Office Products Office School Supplies StoreSMART Magnetic Gifts Closure Pockets - x 17" 11" Magnetic-Back 17",Magnetic,11",Magnetic-Back,$158,Office Products , Office School Supplies,,StoreSMART,x,/hydroselenuret2962660.html,Closure,-,-,Pockets $158 StoreSMART Magnetic Closure Pockets - Magnetic-Back - 11" x 17" Office Products Office School Supplies

We OFFer at cheap prices StoreSMART Magnetic Gifts Closure Pockets - x 17

StoreSMART Magnetic Closure Pockets - Magnetic-Back - 11" x 17"


StoreSMART Magnetic Closure Pockets - Magnetic-Back - 11" x 17"

Product Description


Does your visual management magnetic dry erase board or factory staging area often fall to pieces? Are you having trouble keeping paperwork where it needs to be? Win the fight against gravity with StoreSMART's Magnetic Closure Pockets! Each jacket is sealed on two sides, with a strong corner magnet to secure your documents (up to twelve 11" x 17" sheets of paper). Three 11" magnets mounted on the back of each pocket allow you to stick them on any magnetic surface in order to display critical information. Turn the unused side of a file cabinet into a productive work tracking area, or incorporate the pockets into your Lean/Six Sigma magnetic dry erase board displays. When you're done organizing your professional life, take a few folders home—use them to display chore charts, track activities, and protect the family calendar. The best part? You can write on the vinyl pockets with dry erase markers!

StoreSMART Magnetic Closure Pockets - Magnetic-Back - 11" x 17"

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