HKDGHTHJ 3D Bedding Set 4 Piece Queen Size x car red - Time sale Retro 200 $34 HKDGHTHJ 3D Bedding Set 4 Piece Queen Size Retro red car - 200 x Home Kitchen Bedding HKDGHTHJ 3D Bedding Set 4 Piece Queen Size x car red - Time sale Retro 200 $34 HKDGHTHJ 3D Bedding Set 4 Piece Queen Size Retro red car - 200 x Home Kitchen Bedding red,Home Kitchen , Bedding,200,Piece,HKDGHTHJ,x,-,4,Queen,Bedding,3D,Set,Size,$34,,car,Retro,/hydroselenuret3007360.html red,Home Kitchen , Bedding,200,Piece,HKDGHTHJ,x,-,4,Queen,Bedding,3D,Set,Size,$34,,car,Retro,/hydroselenuret3007360.html

HKDGHTHJ 3D Bedding Set 4 Piece Queen Size Spring new work one after another x car red - Time sale Retro 200

HKDGHTHJ 3D Bedding Set 4 Piece Queen Size Retro red car - 200 x


HKDGHTHJ 3D Bedding Set 4 Piece Queen Size Retro red car - 200 x

Product description

Size:Double 200 x 200 CM

Welcome your visit!

---We are a professional manufacturer of home textiles and bedding, and look forward to bringing a warm and comfortable experience to your bedroom!

【The products we sell include】:

(1 duvet cover + 2 pillowcases + 1 bed sheet)

---This is a duvet cover, does not include any quilt filling.

---High-quality materials are our pursuit of a more interesting life!


100% polyester fiber. Polyester fiber is soft, strong resilience, not easy to be deformed, printed pattern.

【Exquisitely designed patterns】:

---The numbers are clear and the service life is longer!

---The printing technology, the pattern is bright, modern, fashionable, and does not fade. Just turn your duvet cover over and you can change the room decoration at any time. It has a long service life and you don't need to worry.

【Color display】:

The cute and interesting 3D printing design is like real existence. To make children's room more lively, you can customize it with your favorite style.

【Products and logistics】:

We use high-quality polyester materials, and sell them on Amazon at the best price and the most perfect packaging. We have used the best transportation routes we know to be able to transport products to your home faster.

【Customer Service】:

We support custom size, which can meet the needs of any size in your family bedroom, you can buy with confidence. If you have other questions about bedding, you can ask our staff at any time, and we will give you a satisfactory answer in time!

HKDGHTHJ 3D Bedding Set 4 Piece Queen Size Retro red car - 200 x

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