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Manufacturer direct delivery 51x28 in Max 48% OFF Garden Table Covers Snow Protection Round Waterproof

51x28 in Garden Table Covers, Round Waterproof, Snow Protection


51x28 in Garden Table Covers, Round Waterproof, Snow Protection

Product description

have effective sunlight-resistance and fade-resistance, can stop the cover from fading and discoloring.

RURGLY 420D Heavy-duty oxford Fabric is woven of black yarn without secodary dyeing, which has strong Sunlight-resistance and fade-resistance, stop the cover from fading and discoloring.

Product Highlights:
1.Waterproof and windproof
2.Drawstring with hem
3.Can be used all year round
4.Can be used in bad weather
5.Use 420D high-density Oxford cloth material
6.Easy to install and clean
8.Wide range of applications

Product specifications:
Name: Garden Furniture Cover
shape: Round
Material: 420D Oxford cloth
Performance: waterproof, windproof
Function: shelter your outdoor furniture from wind and rain

Package Contents:
1x furniture cover
1x storage bag

When you use it, If the wind is very strong(such as hurricane), we suggest that you can place some heavy item on the furniture cover to better prevent the cover being blow off.

After-sales guarantee
If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will get back to you within 24 hours

51x28 in Garden Table Covers, Round Waterproof, Snow Protection

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