$104 Mid Century Modern Style Dining Chair,Plastic Chair Kitchen, D Home Kitchen Furniture $104 Mid Century Modern Style Dining Chair,Plastic Chair Kitchen, D Home Kitchen Furniture Mid Century Modern Style Sale price Dining D Chair Kitchen Chair,Plastic Mid,D,Kitchen,,/ingenerative2448735.html,Style,Century,Chair,Dining,Chair,Plastic,$104,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Modern Mid,D,Kitchen,,/ingenerative2448735.html,Style,Century,Chair,Dining,Chair,Plastic,$104,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Modern Mid Century Modern Style Sale price Dining D Chair Kitchen Chair,Plastic

Mid Century Modern Style Sale price Dining D Chair 35% OFF Kitchen Chair,Plastic

Mid Century Modern Style Dining Chair,Plastic Chair Kitchen, D


Mid Century Modern Style Dining Chair,Plastic Chair Kitchen, D

Product description


【Various Style】 Our chairs are in various style with different color and material. You can always find the one you are fund of. Plenty choices can fit for any kind of decoration style and scenario.

【Material and Design】We do care about the material we chose. Our chairs are made of ABS PP, PU Leather, linen, etc.
Ergonomic design makes sure your comfort, well-chosen color broadens your options.

【Thoughtful Detail】Non-slip foot pads prevent furniture from slipping while providing excellent floor protection.
You don’t need to worry about chair scratching your floor or making intolerable noises.

【Dimensions】Seat Height : 47cm ; Seat Depth : 42cm ; Seat Width : 46cm ; Total Height : 82cm

【Customer Service】After receiving the package, if there are any problems during assembly or use please feel free to contact us.
Our customer service will answer you within 24 hours, solve the problems you encounter, and give you a satisfactory solution.

wooden solid and durable legs with metal cross base;

ABS backrest;

Non-slip foot pads prevent furniture from slipping while providing excellent floor protection;
one installation instruction;
4 pieces chairs;

dining chairs; also for living room, bedroom, restaurant, salon, library, cafe and so on.

Mid Century Modern Style Dining Chair,Plastic Chair Kitchen, D

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