$33 High-Density Space Elastic Cotton Interlayer Absorbent Non-Slip Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $33 High-Density Space Elastic Cotton Interlayer Absorbent Non-Slip Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,High-Density,Space,Interlayer,Non-Slip,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,/integrable2615309.html,Elastic,Cotton,Absorbent,$33 Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,High-Density,Space,Interlayer,Non-Slip,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,/integrable2615309.html,Elastic,Cotton,Absorbent,$33 High-Density Space Elastic Cotton Non-Slip Year-end gift Interlayer Absorbent High-Density Space Elastic Cotton Non-Slip Year-end gift Interlayer Absorbent

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High-Density Space Elastic Cotton Interlayer Absorbent Non-Slip


High-Density Space Elastic Cotton Interlayer Absorbent Non-Slip

Product description

Size: 24 * 72inch(61 * 183cm)The microfiber bath mat combines new technology, more soft and more density, comfortable, you will enjoy how soft they feel beneath your feet.The super-absorbent rug's microfiber surface quickly soaks up an impressive amount of water.The mat comes with varies mix colors which easily match or coordinate with existing or other new room decor. Works well for bathroom, vanity, vacation home, master bathroom, kids bathroom, guest suite.The mat can be cleaned in the washing machine, and maintains its soft texture through washing regular cycles.With a non-slip rubber back, offers rugs that grip firmly onto your floors. The durable, non-slip material provides long-lasting performance.

High-Density Space Elastic Cotton Interlayer Absorbent Non-Slip

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