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Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll Ship from Directly USA supreme It is very popular HTV 30x300 cm

Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll, [Ship from USA Directly] 30x300 cm HTV


Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll, [Ship from USA Directly] 30x300 cm HTV

Product description

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✦ Description:
Material: HTV vinyl
Size: 30×300 cm

✦ How to Use
① Create your design
②Cut with the gloss side facing DOWN and the duller back of the HTV vinyl facing up
③ Weed away the excess vinyl, leaving your design on the carrier sheet
④ Heat press at 320°F (160°C) for 10 - 15 seconds and COLD peel. If you use a home iron, press it with firm pressure
⑤ Peel the carrier sheet cold, if areas of design lift after application, do step 4 again

✦ Package Included:
1 Roll Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll, [Ship from USA Directly] 30x300 cm HTV

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