$32,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Synthetic,Lace,HEAHAIR,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Long,Hair,/judiciality2615412.html,Black,Straight,Wigs,Gluel,Front $32 HEAHAIR Black Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Long Straight Hair Gluel Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $32 HEAHAIR Black Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Long Straight Hair Gluel Beauty Personal Care Hair Care HEAHAIR Black Over item handling Synthetic Lace Front Gluel Hair Long Wigs Straight HEAHAIR Black Over item handling Synthetic Lace Front Gluel Hair Long Wigs Straight $32,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Synthetic,Lace,HEAHAIR,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Long,Hair,/judiciality2615412.html,Black,Straight,Wigs,Gluel,Front

HEAHAIR Black Over item handling Synthetic Lace Front Gluel Hair Long Cheap SALE Start Wigs Straight

HEAHAIR Black Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Long Straight Hair Gluel


HEAHAIR Black Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Long Straight Hair Gluel

Product description

Color:Black Straight

Japan Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber
No Shedding Tangle-free
Quality Japan Synthetic temperature fiber seems to be human hair.
Professional manufacturing technology ensures it looks real. Could be curled and straighten.

100% Handmade Lace Front
Swiss Lace Soft Comfortable
Each hair hand tied with exquisite craftsmanship on very fine and soft Swiss lace at the front.
It allows you to part hair in any direction just like your own hair.

Easy To Wear
Unique technology design.
3 combs for added security.
Adjustable straps.

HEAHAIR Black Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Long Straight Hair Gluel

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