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Non Slip Bath Mat Kansas City Mall for Bathroom Microfiber 31.5 Max 87% OFF Shaggy Pink Rug

Non Slip Bath Mat for Bathroom, Shaggy Pink Microfiber Rug (31.5


Non Slip Bath Mat for Bathroom, Shaggy Pink Microfiber Rug (31.5

Product description

Non Slip Bath Mat for Bathroom, Shaggy Pink Microfiber Rug (31.5 x 19.7 in)
Pink Bath Mat: Provide your feet and toes with warmth in a the bathroom, hotel, sauna, shower, gym, bedroom, or living room thanks to this fuzzy bath mat
Non-Slip Material: This bathroom mat is made of ultra-soft fluffy microfiber fibers and non-slip TPR backing with anti-slip texture that will stay in one place
Machine Washable: To clean, simply throw the bath floor mat into the washing machine with cold water and neutral detergent; hang to dry or air dry flat at a low temperature
Dimensions: The soft microfiber bath mat measures 31.5 x 19.7 inches; ideal size to place outside the bathtub or shower
Protect your feet from the cold bathroom floor and place this bathroom mat next to the vanity, guest suite, or next to the tub. The pink color will be sure to complement and elevate your bathroom decor.

Non Slip Bath Mat for Bathroom, Shaggy Pink Microfiber Rug (31.5

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