$258 Accent Chair, Chair in Floral Fabric, 23L x 21D x 20H, Style Tra Home Kitchen Furniture Tra,21D,x,23L,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,in,Chair,,20H,,Chair,Accent,/jurisprudentially2581622.html,Fabric,,Style,x,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Floral,$258 Accent Chair in Floral Fabric 23L x 20H Tra Sales Style 21D $258 Accent Chair, Chair in Floral Fabric, 23L x 21D x 20H, Style Tra Home Kitchen Furniture Tra,21D,x,23L,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,in,Chair,,20H,,Chair,Accent,/jurisprudentially2581622.html,Fabric,,Style,x,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Floral,$258 Accent Chair in Floral Fabric 23L x 20H Tra Sales Style 21D

Accent Chair in Floral Fabric Recommendation 23L x 20H Tra Sales Style 21D

Accent Chair, Chair in Floral Fabric, 23L x 21D x 20H, Style Tra


Accent Chair, Chair in Floral Fabric, 23L x 21D x 20H, Style Tra

Product description

Include : Accent Chair * 1

Product Size : 23"L x 31"D x 34"H

Seat Size : 23"L x 21"D x 20"H

Assembly Required : Some

Style : Transitional, Contemporary

Romance : The Ollano armless slipper chair features contemporary style, padded back and seat cushion, covered with selected fabric pattern, and complemented by dark brown finish tapered wood legs. Create elegant and sleek contemporary style that is perfectly suited for any living room environment.

Product Details : KD, Slipper Chair (Armless) : Padded Seat amp; Back : Tight Back amp; Seat Cushion, Backrest 15"H : Seat: Pocket Coil Included, 10"H : Wood Tapered Leg: Dark Brown (Poplar), 10"H : Material: Fabric, Multi-Color (Floral Pattern) :: (Stationary Seat / Lift Not Included)

Color : Floral Fabric

Materials : Polyester Fabric, Wood (Poplar), Foam

Storage : NO Storage

Storage amp; Clearance Dimensions : Seat: Stationary

NW CTN (LBS) : 33

Estimated Weight Capacity (Lbs) : -

Accent Chair, Chair in Floral Fabric, 23L x 21D x 20H, Style Tra

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