$325 Metal Twin Loft Bed with Shelves and Desk Home Kitchen Furniture Metal Twin Loft Bed and Desk Shelves with Popular shop is the lowest price challenge $325 Metal Twin Loft Bed with Shelves and Desk Home Kitchen Furniture Desk,Shelves,with,/jurisprudentially2581722.html,Loft,$325,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Bed,Metal,Twin,and,Home Kitchen , Furniture Metal Twin Loft Bed and Desk Shelves with Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Desk,Shelves,with,/jurisprudentially2581722.html,Loft,$325,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Bed,Metal,Twin,and,Home Kitchen , Furniture

Metal Twin Loft Bed and Desk Shelves Popular product with Popular shop is the lowest price challenge

Metal Twin Loft Bed with Shelves and Desk


Metal Twin Loft Bed with Shelves and Desk

Product description

Material: Steel+MDF
Size: Twin
Colour: Black
Numbers of slat: 20
Function: Loft bed
Decoration: Fence-shaped Guardrail
Numbers of package: 2
Spring box: No need
Assembly required: Yes

Bed: 38.4’’ x 78’’
Desk: 40.9’’ x 11.6’’
Total height: 69.7”
Bed weight capability: 220lb
Bed recommended mattress thickness: 8”

Metal Twin Loft Bed with Shelves and Desk

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