Baby Products , Feeding,Seat,Bath,Foaenda,Baby,Portable,Baby,Bathtub,$48,Shower,Stool,S,Baby,/jurisprudentially2784722.html, $48 Foaenda Baby Bath Seat Baby Shower Stool Portable Baby Bathtub S Baby Products Feeding Foaenda Baby Bath Max 48% OFF Seat Shower S Portable Stool Bathtub Baby Products , Feeding,Seat,Bath,Foaenda,Baby,Portable,Baby,Bathtub,$48,Shower,Stool,S,Baby,/jurisprudentially2784722.html, Foaenda Baby Bath Max 48% OFF Seat Shower S Portable Stool Bathtub $48 Foaenda Baby Bath Seat Baby Shower Stool Portable Baby Bathtub S Baby Products Feeding

Foaenda Baby Bath Max 48% OFF Seat Shower S Portable Stool Cheap bargain Bathtub

Foaenda Baby Bath Seat Baby Shower Stool Portable Baby Bathtub S


Foaenda Baby Bath Seat Baby Shower Stool Portable Baby Bathtub S

Product description


Five large suction cups provide a safer and stable grip for the baby.
Please be sure to check the water temperature before use, be sure to use under the supervision of an adult, use about 6-12 months of baby.
Name: Baby Shower Seat 
Main product material: PP
Size: about 38*30*17.5cm/15*11.8*6.8in
Net weight: about 440g
Gross weight: about 790g
Packing List: 
Baby Shower Seat *1
Due to manual measurement, there will be tolerance in product size, which is subject to the actual product.
Due to the lighting effects and shooting angles, there is color difference in the product, please be aware of it.

Foaenda Baby Bath Seat Baby Shower Stool Portable Baby Bathtub S

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