Ergode Bed - Twin Size Lowest price challenge Linen Grey Trim Chrome with $313 Ergode Bed - Twin Size/Grey Linen with Chrome Trim Home Kitchen Furniture Bed,Chrome,,/jurisprudentially3056722.html,with,$313,Ergode,Size/Grey,Linen,Twin,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Trim,- Bed,Chrome,,/jurisprudentially3056722.html,with,$313,Ergode,Size/Grey,Linen,Twin,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Trim,- Ergode Bed - Twin Size Lowest price challenge Linen Grey Trim Chrome with $313 Ergode Bed - Twin Size/Grey Linen with Chrome Trim Home Kitchen Furniture

Ergode Bed - Twin Size Lowest price challenge Linen Grey Trim Chrome with Spasm price

Ergode Bed - Twin Size/Grey Linen with Chrome Trim


Ergode Bed - Twin Size/Grey Linen with Chrome Trim

Product description

Ergode BED - TWIN SIZE / GREY LINEN WITH CHROME TRIM - I 5966T-VV, Give your bedroom a master appearance with this luxurious twin size bed frame and wing back headboard, upholstered in an elegant grey linen-look fabric. The gently curved classic style of this floor length headboard, outlined with a chrome nail head trim and cushioned diamond tufting, gives the bed a statement making flair. The clean lines of the upholstered sides and front frame brings a contemporary touch; the black solid wood legs, slightly angled at the front, adds stability to the whole bed frame. The box spring and mattress is not included and must be purchased separately. All parts and assembly instructions are included.Upholstered floor length wing back headboard, side and end rails in a chic grey linen-look fabric

Ergode Bed - Twin Size/Grey Linen with Chrome Trim

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