OYQGEJGPJA 3-Piece Set Palm Beach Schoo Surf California Translated Backpack OYQGEJGPJA 3-Piece Set Palm Beach Schoo Surf California Translated Backpack $32 OYQGEJGPJA 3-Piece Set Palm Beach Surf California Backpack Schoo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $32 OYQGEJGPJA 3-Piece Set Palm Beach Surf California Backpack Schoo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $32,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Palm,California,Set,3-Piece,Backpack,Schoo,Surf,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/kincob2581768.html,Beach,OYQGEJGPJA $32,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,Palm,California,Set,3-Piece,Backpack,Schoo,Surf,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/kincob2581768.html,Beach,OYQGEJGPJA

OYQGEJGPJA 3-Piece Set Palm Beach Schoo Surf California Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Translated Backpack

OYQGEJGPJA 3-Piece Set Palm Beach Surf California Backpack Schoo


OYQGEJGPJA 3-Piece Set Palm Beach Surf California Backpack Schoo

Product description


-600d Polyester, Lightweight Double Zipper.

-Many Cool And Cute Designs For You To Choose From, Such As Animal Cartoon Flowers Galaxy Basketball Football Baseball And So On.

-Breathable And Comfortable: Sponge Mesh Material Can Relieve Your Back And Shoulders, And Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps Provide Cushioning Comfort.

-Casual And Relaxed Style, Suitable For: School, Hiking, Outing, Shopping, Etc.

-Double Zipper Closure Type.

Insulated Lunch Bag:

- Pack Lunch For School, Work, Picnic, Travel, Etc.

- Pack Food For The Camping.

-Keep Healthy Fitness Drinks Fresh.

-Store Any Kind Of Food And Keep It Fresh For A Long Time.

-Prepare School Lunch For Your Child.

Pencil Bag:

-Pen Holder, Cosmetic Bag, Cosmetic Bag

-Size: 8.3''(L) X2''(W) X4''(H) ), 2*Main Zipper Pocket, Simple And Large Capacity.

-Material: 300d Polyester,

- Usage: Schools And Offices.

Washing Instructions:

-Wash With Water At Room Temperature Instead Of Hot Water.

-Wash Separately To Avoid Staining.

-Hang To Dry.

OYQGEJGPJA 3-Piece Set Palm Beach Surf California Backpack Schoo

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