$347 PovKeever - Velvet Sofa, Accent Sofa .Sofa with Stainless feet B Home Kitchen Furniture Velvet,with,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$347,feet,Sofa,PovKeever,.Sofa,/kincob2581868.html,B,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,-,Stainless,Sofa,,Accent $347 PovKeever - Velvet Sofa, Accent Sofa .Sofa with Stainless feet B Home Kitchen Furniture Velvet,with,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$347,feet,Sofa,PovKeever,.Sofa,/kincob2581868.html,B,narcolog-na-dom-24.ru,-,Stainless,Sofa,,Accent PovKeever - New mail order Velvet Sofa Accent .Sofa Stainless B with feet PovKeever - New mail order Velvet Sofa Accent .Sofa Stainless B with feet

PovKeever - New Sale item mail order Velvet Sofa Accent .Sofa Stainless B with feet

PovKeever - Velvet Sofa, Accent Sofa .Sofa with Stainless feet B


PovKeever - Velvet Sofa, Accent Sofa .Sofa with Stainless feet B

Product description

Overall: 31.89'' H x70.08” W x 33.46'' D

Seat: 16.93'' H x 62.99'' W x 20.08'' D

Back Height - Seat to Top of Back: 16.93''

Leg Height: 9.84''

Arm Height: 24.40”

Net weight: 66.58LB

Gross Weight: 75.95LB

Feet material: Iron

Upholstery Material: Velvet

Weight Capacity: 700LB

PovKeever - Velvet Sofa, Accent Sofa .Sofa with Stainless feet B

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