Ligh,/kincob2615168.html,$93,Cooler,USB,Desk,Air,ZWBHD,,Mini,Air,Fan,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Portable,Conditioner Ligh,/kincob2615168.html,$93,Cooler,USB,Desk,Air,ZWBHD,,Mini,Air,Fan,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Portable,Conditioner $93 ZWBHD USB Desk Mini Fan Portable Air Cooler Air Conditioner Ligh Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality $93 ZWBHD USB Desk Mini Fan Portable Air Cooler Air Conditioner Ligh Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality ZWBHD USB Our shop most popular Desk Mini Fan Ligh Conditioner Portable Cooler Air ZWBHD USB Our shop most popular Desk Mini Fan Ligh Conditioner Portable Cooler Air

ZWBHD USB Our shop most popular Desk Mini Fan Ligh Conditioner Portable Cooler Air Max 58% OFF

ZWBHD USB Desk Mini Fan Portable Air Cooler Air Conditioner Ligh


ZWBHD USB Desk Mini Fan Portable Air Cooler Air Conditioner Ligh

Product description

Color:New 4

Package includes: 1*piece
The fan adopts USB power supply and is compatible with USB power supplies such as PC/notebook computers, mobile power supplies, AC adapters, and car chargers.
The fan adopts a silent structure, which provides high airflow while being ultra-quiet. It is best to accompany you at work or sleep without disturbing you
The compact and lightweight design brings maximum convenience. Small and lightweight personal fan rotates at a 360-degree tilt to provide cooling air circulation in any desired direction

ZWBHD USB Desk Mini Fan Portable Air Cooler Air Conditioner Ligh

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