SHENYF M16 Diamond Core Drill Bit Hole 38 Saw 11 53 Concrete for Denver Mall SHENYF M16 Diamond Core Drill Bit Hole 38 Saw 11 53 Concrete for Denver Mall 38/53/11,Drill,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/kincob2615468.html,Core,Saw,SHENYF,for,Hole,$284,Bit,,M16,Concrete,Diamond $284 SHENYF M16 Diamond Core Drill Bit Hole Saw for Concrete 38/53/11 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 38/53/11,Drill,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/kincob2615468.html,Core,Saw,SHENYF,for,Hole,$284,Bit,,M16,Concrete,Diamond $284 SHENYF M16 Diamond Core Drill Bit Hole Saw for Concrete 38/53/11 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Inexpensive SHENYF M16 Diamond Core Drill Bit Hole 38 Saw 11 53 Concrete for Denver Mall

SHENYF M16 Diamond Core Drill Bit Hole Saw for Concrete 38/53/11


SHENYF M16 Diamond Core Drill Bit Hole Saw for Concrete 38/53/11

Product description

Due to manual shooting, there will be deviations between the actual object and the picture, but it will not affect the use effect.
M16 Diamond Core Drill Bit Kit for Concrete Wall Tap Water Heater Air Condition 38/53/117 mm Europe Concrete Drilling Bits
Used for construction install pipe, air conditioning, electric, heating, gas pipeline drill wall, and highway, airport runway, bridge and tunnel engineering drilling, also can drilling Stone or ceramic non-metallic materials.
Laser welded technology make the diamond segment matched well with the metal body.

Precisely positioned diamonds for unmatched drilling performance and constant drilling speeds over the entire life of the core bit

Easy core removal, fast stuck core bit recovery and on-site retipping using just a flat-tip screwdriver

Package Included:
1* 38 mm drill bit, 170 mm, Connector M16
1*53mm drill bit, 170 mm, Connector M16
1*117mm drill bit, 170 mm, Connector M16
1*Adapter drill bit, HEX, M16
1*Adapter drill bit, SDS, M16
1*Taper shank guide drill bit
1*Drift key for core bit arbor
1*40*25*13mm Aluminum Case

SHENYF M16 Diamond Core Drill Bit Hole Saw for Concrete 38/53/11

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