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LED Max 71% OFF Vinyl Clock - Light Wall Very popular Custom Origin Drake

LED Vinyl Clock - Light Vinyl Wall Clock - Drake - Custom Origin


LED Vinyl Clock - Light Vinyl Wall Clock - Drake - Custom Origin

Product description

Vinyl clock can be a unique gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Mother's Day, Father's day and so forth.
It is a beautiful decoration for hall, living room, office, playroom, kitchen, bedroom, children's room, nursery.

- I would like to let you know that we use old vinyl records.
Therefore you may notice tiny scratches on them.
The reason is because we use vintage vinyl records; the scratches are an essential part of their unique history
and they give them special authenticity.

Package and shipping:

- We pack our vinyl clocks in a separate protected box;
- We will need around 3 working days to make the vinyl record clock and send it to you;
- Then it takes around 7-20 working days to be delivered to you.
Tracking number is provided.

Return policy

We will refund you the money or send you another wall clock free of charge within 30 days
after you receive the clock in case the wall clock comes broken.


Condition: mechanisms quartz new, vinyl records used
This clock mechanism work quiet
Battery 1AA (not included)
Size: 12"(30cm)
LED Light Power Source could change to 7 colours
Remote Controller+1
Power Cable 2 m.
Power from the socket

LED Vinyl Clock - Light Vinyl Wall Clock - Drake - Custom Origin

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