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Anenz 70% OFF Outlet Shoe Rack Shelves Cubes Portable Cheap SALE Start Cubby for Organizer

Anenz Shoe Rack Shelves Cubes Shoe Cubby Portable Organizer for


Anenz Shoe Rack Shelves Cubes Shoe Cubby Portable Organizer for

Product Description

shoes storage storage shelves outdoor shoe rack cubical storage organizer

Product Description

Item includes: 2X6 24 Pair black shoe rack

Questions amp; Answers

Q1: What material is this?

The shoe rack for entryway is made of PP plastic (sheets) and ABS plastic (connectors), The material is very safe

Q2:Are the cubes easy to put together? And are you able to rearrange the cubes?

Yes,very easy to assemble, You can rearrange the cubes.

Q3:This shoe rack difference wood shoe cubby?

Portable shose rack can be combined freely, easy to disassemble, more convenient to move, The large storage capacity can hold odds and ends such as High heels single shoes, leather shoes

Anenz Shoe Rack Shelves Cubes Shoe Cubby Portable Organizer for

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