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Toy Roll Over Image to Zoom Mini Leather in depot Armchair Limited time trial price Children's

Toy Roll Over Image to Zoom in Leather Mini Armchair, Children's


Toy Roll Over Image to Zoom in Leather Mini Armchair, Children's

Product description


Welcome to the NUBAO store ,Show you everything that are perfect。
★Children's indoor mini/small/cute armchair, soft and comfortable sofa chair, foam/sponge filled, round and solid, leather cover smooth and easy to clean, small and cute, children love it, strong and solid, and got recognition from many mothers, little girl / The perfect gift that the little boy likes the most.
Color: blue, pink
Size: 59 × 45 × 49cm
Filler: Sponge / Foam
Cover: high quality leather
Style: European style
Suitable age: 1-6 years old Toddler
Furniture structure: solid wood frame
Suitable place: living room, bedroom, children's room, nursery school, kindergarten, photo studio, morning classroom
Features: stable support, soft and comfortable, fine workmanship, clean
★ An expandable children's furniture that stimulates the senses and the imagination of the child, concentration,
Children's seats for children to spend a colorful childhood.
Tips: Since the color of the monitor is slightly different, please focus on the real thing, it will be more stable against the wall or on the carpet.
Usually we ship 1-2 days, 10-20 delivery, I wish you a happy shopping.
If need any help, contact with the seller , you will get what you need.

Toy Roll Over Image to Zoom in Leather Mini Armchair, Children's

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