Metal Popularity Storage Basket on Wheels Stackable Kitchen Ro Cart Utility Metal Popularity Storage Basket on Wheels Stackable Kitchen Ro Cart Utility Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,/macronutrient3056700.html,$46,Utility,on,Stackable,Basket,Cart,Storage,,Wheels,Metal,Kitchen,Ro $46 Metal Storage Basket on Wheels Stackable Utility Cart Kitchen Ro Home Kitchen Storage Organization $46 Metal Storage Basket on Wheels Stackable Utility Cart Kitchen Ro Home Kitchen Storage Organization Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,/macronutrient3056700.html,$46,Utility,on,Stackable,Basket,Cart,Storage,,Wheels,Metal,Kitchen,Ro

Metal Popularity Bombing new work Storage Basket on Wheels Stackable Kitchen Ro Cart Utility

Metal Storage Basket on Wheels Stackable Utility Cart Kitchen Ro


Metal Storage Basket on Wheels Stackable Utility Cart Kitchen Ro

Product description

Size:5 tiers

Color: Black
Material: Metal
Load Capacity:120lbs
Load Capacity of Each Shelf:30 lbs
GW.: 9 lbs / 4.1 kg
NW.: 7.9lbs/3.6kg
Easy Care: wipe clean with damp cloth

Package List
Baskets x 4; Basket Supporter x 6
Rolling Wheels x 4 ( 2pcs With Brake)
Adjustable Anti-Skid Feet x 4
Plastic Tray x 1; Allen Wrench x 1; Nut amp; Washer x 4

Metal Storage Basket on Wheels Stackable Utility Cart Kitchen Ro

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