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DIY Oil Painting Special price for Indefinitely a limited time Paint by Numbers Kit Kids W Abstract Adults

DIY Oil Painting Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults Kids Abstract W


DIY Oil Painting Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults Kids Abstract W

Product description


Paint by Numbers would decrease anxiety levels from our heavy work pressure.It helps you stay away from the radiation of games and electronics.

Package Include:
1 x canvas (without frame)
1 xReference drawing
2 x hook
3 x Paintbrush
1 set of acrylic paints

DIY Steps:
1. Find a flat surface object (such as a desk), cover the surface with newspapers to avoid the acrylic paints staining the object surface.
2. Please prepare a bottle of water for brush washing.
3. Filled in the sections that are marked with numbers with the corresponding paints.
4. We suggest that you paint one color at a time, and from the largest sections to the smallest one, and from the upper parts to the bottom.
5. Please clean the brush when you change to another color.

1.If you fill in the wrong color, please wait for the paint drying and then cover the wrong part with the correct color more than once.
2.The paint is easy to dry, when you don't use, cover the lid,If the paint is too dry, add 1 or 2 drops of water to stir evenly,remember don't too much.
3.Please use the no numbers marked paints to fill in the shadow parts, which are without number marked too.
4.please unfold the canvas completely, and then lie it on a flat object surface, finally put some books on the canvas about a day. The creases will be decreased.
5. please note frame is not included.

If you have any problem, please fell free to contact us.We will try our best to solve it. Thank you for your support.

DIY Oil Painting Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults Kids Abstract W

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